Happy birthday and Happy Pi Day

Today is always a special day for me. One of the most influential people in my life gets to celebrate their birthday today and the day that everyone else get to enjoy complete guilt free pie. 🥧 As for the birthday person, I am ways wishing them the very best and hope that they take the opportunity to enjoy the day with pie, red vines, jelly beans, jack in the box, taco bell, a good martini or what ever they fancy.

Been saying this for years. Human are too linear to understand.

In a recent experiment, we show how framing crucially affects people’s responses to one of the most important building blocks of the COVID-19 informational puzzle: the number of deaths. We show that the logarithmic scale graphs that the media routinely use to display this information are poorly understood by the public and affect people’s attitudes and policy preferences towards the pandemic. This finding has important implications because during a pandemic, even more than usually, the public depends on the media to convey understandable information in order to make informed decisions regarding health-protective behaviors.


Again, higher education will change forever after coronavirus..

It’s a long read, but if you’re in high Ed, kinda important..

I’ve been telling people education after coronavirus will never be the same. As the article points out, there are some big negatives for some school as the fight of online/hybrid education will, in my opinion, finally take hold in every school and it’s going to be about how we deal with that.


A little humanity and remember it is not political.


A month ago, the most annoying question you could ask your flight attendant was, “Is this flight full?” At that time, empty seats were a rarity. A healthy economy has had airplanes full for years ― especially the airline I’ve been employed with since 2006. Our loyalty program and our famous customer service make us a favorite with most Americans.