Top 10 Machine Learning Algorithms

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Presidential Candidates and

Wow…. Who would have ever thought that presidental candidates would have profiles Hillary Clinton Joe Biden John Edwards John McCain Dennis Kucinich Ron Paul Mitt Romney Barack Obama Duncan Hunter Rudy Giuliani Chris Dodd Posted by John Sterni at 11:06:10 PM in Other (138) | Comments (0)

I am such a Digg fan

Since I am going to forget to check these, out I’m posting them here to remind me at some point. Posted by John Sterni at 4:46:05 PM in Web related (37) | Comments (0)

GIF image more than 256 colors

Wow… I know I am old school when info like this amazes me… Only old schooler, will this mean anything.. Interesting Technique  using multiple blocks… I guess I never thought that you could use a different 256 color pallet for each block… Posted by John Sterni at 12:00:29 AM in Web related (37) | Comments (0)