Image Gallery / Image resizing

As my work continues on updating my old website, I have been playing with image upload and image galleries. The #1 thing that I was interested in was a automatic image resizing utility for IIS/ASP (yeah I know PHP graphic libraries are a no brainer,  but I am ASP guy). Another feature is builting the gallery from the images directly and not having to depend on a database table for it.. I am a BIG fan of just dropping files into a folder and a server “smart” emough to figure out what the heck is going on ….

Anyways after some long investigation I stumbled upon some nice built-in utilities using ASP.NET and some work from The Code Project and from betaparticle. Best $20 bucks I’ve spent on a something in a long time, Thanks Matt.

I think I will have a semi decent image gallery for free. Not that I am not a flickr fan, just as a webmaster I should be able to do all this on my own.

Now if I can add some fancy AJAX (web 2.0) so I can move images around that would be cool… (Yes I am working on that…)

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