Presidential Candidates and


Who would have ever thought that presidental candidates would have profiles

Hillary Clinton

Joe Biden

John Edwards

John McCain

Dennis Kucinich

Ron Paul

Mitt Romney

Barack Obama

Duncan Hunter

Rudy Giuliani

Chris Dodd

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I am such a Digg fan

Since I am going to forget to check these, out I’m posting them here to remind me at some point.

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Removing EXIF data

All I have to say is Jhead…
Simple enough to use to remove EXIF data from your images…

Man, You’ll never know what is hidden in your images until you take a look around. (

Actually my reason for removing the EXIF data is that it  was it was totally messing with the image re-sizer in my picture gallery. I was going a little nuts for a few hours trying to figure out what the heck was going on. Anyways, after pouring over the Internet, I found out what it was.. I guess Microsoft’s fancy GetThumbnailImage() method will use the thumbnail if present, but have not idea how to tell it NOT to use it so I just decided for goodness sakes and for security to remove all the data so I don’t also have to worries about transmitting GPS data along with my silly pictures!

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Image Gallery / Image resizing

As my work continues on updating my old website, I have been playing with image upload and image galleries. The #1 thing that I was interested in was a automatic image resizing utility for IIS/ASP (yeah I know PHP graphic libraries are a no brainer,  but I am ASP guy). Another feature is builting the gallery from the images directly and not having to depend on a database table for it.. I am a BIG fan of just dropping files into a folder and a server “smart” emough to figure out what the heck is going on ….

Anyways after some long investigation I stumbled upon some nice built-in utilities using ASP.NET and some work from The Code Project and from betaparticle. Best $20 bucks I’ve spent on a something in a long time, Thanks Matt.

I think I will have a semi decent image gallery for free. Not that I am not a flickr fan, just as a webmaster I should be able to do all this on my own.

Now if I can add some fancy AJAX (web 2.0) so I can move images around that would be cool… (Yes I am working on that…)

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