The Freshman Valley is coming..

Freshman applications dip at UC for the first time in 15 years. Is it the start of a trend?

I noticed this 5 years ago while in Enrollment management and looking at birth trends and started noticing the decrease and was reminding people around me that there was going to be a 5-10 year hole in students and how obviously the effects on applicants.

Goals for 2019

  1. Restart this blog (March 2019)
  2. Fix car in garage (May 2019)
  3. Get Married (June 2019)

I’ll stop at these three for now and not in priority, but seriously, I have a goal list in my head. 2019 is already 3+ months old, and one huge goal has been working on a going through boxes (real and not so real) of items that have been literally sitting in for years untouched.

It was great to re-visit old memories, and even better to organize the ones I wanted to keep and get rid of other that do not “…does this spark joy?” as Marie Kondo would say. (i’m keeping Ephus the bunny..) I’ve definitely made a first pass and one of those “boxes” was also this web site.

So stay tune. Don’t be surprise if I add some old memories to this blog or split it into several ones. (Thinking along the lines of one blog for serious conversation about technology, Information science, etc. and fun quirky things and rambling thoughts.)

Also, it’ll be even more memorable to see this post years later buried in the middle. I hope it will spark joy!