Sorry, Professors, but Presidential Searches Should Be Secret

The best quote from the article

But I give the faculty members I met with credit for not advancing perhaps the world’s worst argument for the open search, one made in these pages, which is that the faculty grapevine is the best way to vet candidates. No. The truth is that a vetting process run by cats would be better than one group of insiders asking another group of insiders for all the rumors and innuendo they have heard about one of the candidates. How would such methods, in any academic discipline, be considered sound?

Learn Quantum Computing

The very concept of a quantum computer can be daunting, let alone programming it, but Microsoft thinks it can offer a helping hand. It’s partnering with Alphabet’s X and Brilliant on an online curriculum for quantum computing. The course starts with basic concepts and gradually introduces you to Microsoft’s Q# language, teaching you how to write ‘simple’ quantum algorithms before moving on to truly complicated scenarios. You can handle everything on the web (including quantum circuit puzzles), and there’s a simulator to verify that you’re on the right track.

But incase you want to get deep into it…